Jasun Martz

Jasun Martz is a world-renowned, New York-based interdisciplinary composer, musician and multimedia artist (painting/sculpture/performance) who has collaborated with French art brut modern master Jean Dubuffet, toured with Frank Zappa, recorded with Michael Jackson (Bad and Dangerous) and worked on numerous international hits that have sold tens of millions of albums. He is known for his unique amalgamation of visionary, cutting-edge, sonic explorations blended with traditional musical foundations.

He signed his first recording contract at age 15 and appears on over 50 albums. His contemporary classical, soundscape, experimental and alt-rock compositions have been used in film, television and advertising. Spotify features over 85 tracks/10 hours of his recently released best-selling, award-winning eight album retrospective entitled Solo Exhibition.  

Martz has toured internationally in solo performances at festivals, in the electronic music scene and in contemporary art galleries and museums, most recently in Russia, Europe, Asia and North & South America.

The paintings and sculpture of Jasun Martz are collected and displayed internationally.

See 150 paintings here: Disintegration.

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