IN YOUR HONOR, I COMPOSED A WILD OPERA/symphony- (that you will really dig)







An exotic story about beggars, cutthroats, lunatics, agnostics, loudmouths, poets, philosophers, eccentrics, thieves, hobos, bullfighters, artists, musicians and similar undesirables.



I was so pumped I started to write an experimental opera inspired by your visionary lyrics and powder-keg vocals.

And after I completed sections of the music I realized- there are parts of the aria where your whisper-to-a-roar vocals would absolutely KILL. 

Here is a totally different kind of project for you:

YOU singing with a full symphony orchestra.

Since I produce these BIG orchestral works with hundreds of people (I've recorded with Frank Zappa to Michael Jackson and appear on over 50 albums) this will be a very respected project. (See hundreds and hundreds of reviews for my other orchestral works HERE and read more about me HERE and have a look at this Music Brut site and at Wikipedia.)

+ Andrew (who you've worked with many times) knows about my project and if you wanted, perhaps he could track your parts at his studio like you two did with COL. (Or not- it's up to you). There is this New York City ALL WOMEN marching drum corp called Fogo Azul and they're going to record some sections for the symphony. And Since Andrew has recorded the similar Blue Man Group, I contacted him to see if he is interested in recording/producing the Fogo Azul drum session and he said its a project he would love to be a part of. (I did NOT mention you since I don't know if you will find the project of interest). Your vocals would be with both the orchestra and with the amazing 20 all woman drummers. 


+ How amazing to have your vocals in a rough & tumble avant-garde opera/symphony album with The Intercontinental Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Choir. 

+ You could do it on your terms- singing in a way you think works with the music. 

+ The orchestral parts would already be recorded. You could work on it at home at your leisure and then simply go into the studio and overdub vocals. 

+ This would NOT be a time suck. I know you are busy with your businesses & teaching & COL gigs & your family etc. so you could perhaps record your parts in one afternoon session.

+ I will certainly make it worth your while financially.

YOu should at least listen to some of the music!

+ I will email you Mp3s of the sections I think your vocals would be fantastic.

+ We can talk money and your availability and how to do it- i.e. do you sing my lyrics or do you create your own libreto to the music? (your parts would be around 15-20 minutes). Your lyrics absolutely knock my socks off (well, those that I can decipher-ha!) so if you get inspired to improvise or contribute some words- YES!

Give it some thought Julie.


New York



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